HotPaw Sing-inTuna - Student Edition

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Learn to sing in tune with HotPaw Sing-inTuna

Sing-inTuna uses the built-in microphone on your iPhone to help you visualize if you are singing or playing an instrument on the right note and approximately in tune. Sing-inTuna graphs the estimated pitch on a scrolling graph resembling a musical Grand Staff. Pitches that are within 20 cents of a true note frequency are colored green on the chart, whereas off-pitch sharp or flat tones are colored red or blue.

This is not a music transcription application, just a fun educational tool with which to experiment and learn. It requires a fairly quiet environment with little background noise, no audible musical accompaniment or any other harmony or chords. It works best with monophonic continuous tones (vowels, not consonants) that are stable for at least a quarter note in length (no fast runs). Using the built-in iPhone microphone, the pitch estimation range is approximately two octaves above and below middle-C, depending on the exact microphone positioning, sound volume, and spectral content. Pitch history is not saved. The estimated pitch accuracy can be measured against either Equal Temperament or Just Tempered frequency scales. Concert A frequency is adjustable plus or minus 10 Hz from 440.

If you leave this application running for more than 20 minutes, or if you get a phone call, the inTuna microphone input may temporarily shut off audio recording to conserve power. You can (re)enable and disable the microphone using the Pause and Record buttons in the lower left corner of the display.

If the display freezes or no audio input is seen for some reason, you might try rebooting your iPhone. This can reset the audio intput. Press and hold down the display-on/lock button on top of your iPhone until you see the message: "slide to power off". Power off; wait a few seconds; and then press and hold the lock button again to restart your iPhone.

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Sing inTuna - Student Edition, by HotPaw Productions

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